Infographic 06 - How to find a plumber you can trust

If you’ve got a leaky tap or broken toilet that needs fixing, and you don’t have the skills, hiring a plumber is a necessity. Especially with larger jobs, if you aim to tackle them yourself, things can quickly go wrong and you could risk invalidating your insurance policy.

Hiring a plumber is not as easy as picking someone from the yellow pages or google search. An advert, does not a reputable person or company make. So how do you choose who to hire? There are nightmare stories of cowboy tradespeople and a lot of time and money at stake.

It’s difficult to know who to trust. But there are ways to make an incredibly informed decision.

In this infographic, we’ll show you easy steps to take, to ensure that you make the best choice for you, your home and your peace of mind.

Infographic - How to find a plumber you can trust

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