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Infographic 02 - Heating in space

Heating in Space

Space is indeed the final frontier. From humanity’s first steps beyond the earth to our continued exploration of the unknown, it still manages to surprise and delight. It pushes us to be better, to increase our knowledge, to experiment and knock down barriers. Things we once thought impossible are now a stepping stone to the future.

With new discoveries being made every day, the little things can often be forgotten, but even the smallest things in space are feats of engineering and design. From an astronaut’s space suit to the food they eat and how it is stored, the tiniest elements of daily life have been recreated to allow them to be possible in space.

In this infographic we’ve focused on how temperature is regulated in space. It’s a delicate balance and relies on thermal control systems and well tested designs to enable human life to be sustained.

The Universe is a place of extremes. What would happen if you were exposed to space without any protection? How does an astronaut keep cool and warm? What about the ship they travel in and the station they live in? How do things not freeze or combust? We’ve put together some really interesting details on temperature in space and some fun facts you can impress your friends with!

Infographic - Heating In Space

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