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Multipurpose Radiator Inhibitor & Protector

Suitable for almost any type of radiator, including cast iron, steel, and aluminium, our Multipurpose Inhibitor & Protector is recommended for all of our radiators due to the level of extra protection that it provides. Over time, your radiators will naturally build up a level of rust, dirt, and scale as a result of being used, and when these by-products accumulate inside the system, it can impede the water flow and have a negative effect on your radiator's performance.

The Inhibitor is added directly into the radiator and this allows the water to flow through the system and applies a protective coating to the metal so that harmful by-products are kept to a minimum.

We recommend that a radiator inhibitor fluid is added to your heating system if none has been added previously and again every time you drain your system. One 500ml container should be sufficient for a typical system.

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    MU-INHIBITOR-500 - Multipurpose Radiator Inhibitor & Protector 500ml

    Radiators 4u

    Multipurpose Radiator Inhibitor & Protector 500ml

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