Infographic 04 - How to become a plumber

The plumbing industry is a far more diverse career path than you would think. It offers good training, good wages and the opportunity for individuals to start their own company. In fact, a lot of plumbers even turn to consultancy and teaching work, passing on their much-needed skills and opening up a new area of their career.

It can take several years of training to become fully qualified and with new technology advancing rapidly, on the job training is essential to keep up with all the changes.

In this infographic, we show you how to become a plumber, what you can expect from your chosen career and how much you could earn. We also delve into what skill set you need and what type of character you need to have. So, if you’re interested in this line of work, read on to find out how you can become a plumber.

Infographic - How to become a plumber

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