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Infographic 09 - Fire safety

Fire Safety

Most fires in the home can be prevented. It's good advice to know the risks around your home and take steps to minimise them. Although many parts of fire prevention guides are common sense, we're often too busy with our daily lives to make sure we have a few things in place to help reduce the risks of fire. However, a little time planning and checking can save lives, because fire kills.

You may also have slipped into some bad habits. Charging your phone through the night? Seems sensible to charge it while we're asleep and not using it, right? Wrong! Charging for extended periods of time allows the battery to heat up and it could set alight. Even worse, are those apps that encourage you to sleep with your phone underneath your pillow to monitor your sleep patterns. Bedsheets can set alight quickly and the effects are devastating.

In this piece, we explore the Do's and Don'ts if you have a fire in your home, and some easy ways you can make sure you are aware of the hazards around you and how to minimise them. Even better, you can share each section on social media. If even one person takes notice, it may help save a life. What's more important than that?

Infographic - Fire safety

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