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What Styles of Radiator Valve Are Available?

Posted by RB on 29th Apr 2021

William Carlos Williams famously said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” and never more true a word has been said about style, design and aesthetics. What is one persons most beautiful will always be another's ugly.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to complementing your radiators with valves. Although subjective, styles of valves can be broadly grouped into:

• Traditional 

• Modern

Then by the aesthetic, for example:

• Finish 

• Colour 

• Material

Then by the more technical:

• Orientation 

• Functionality

Traditional Radiator Valves have been used to control the heat output of radiators for many decades. With this in mind, it’s no surprise it’s the largest of styles of radiator valve. Style is actually a great way to describe these valves as they are constructed to the highest quality, using the latest manufacturing processes and finished using modern techniques, so they are new, but in the style of.


From the 1930s, gas boilers were being widely used for heating in the UK, and the style of the time was relatively simple and often used Bakelite as the material for the wheel head that turned the screw to determine the flow of hot water through the radiator. Similar models today include the Traditional TRV Valves that come with matching pipe sleeves and the 026 Traditional Manual Valves also with matching pipe sleeves.

Other styles from this era include the beautifully detailed 058 Traditional TRV Angled Antique Brass Thermostatic Radiator Valves the floral design on the wheel head and subtle styling very reminiscent of period homes. In a more industrial vein, the simple tap design of the 064 Traditional Manual Angled Chrome Radiator Valves and the classic spindle design of the 038 Traditional Manual Angled Antique Brass Radiator Valves are design classics that will suit most radiators whilst bringing that touch of class to set them apart. Finally, for something a little more traditional and continental there is the 033 Traditional Manual Angled Antique Copper Radiator Valve with its beautiful wooden handle.

Bringing us into the modern era, we have some really stunning designs that can elevate the look of even the most contemporary, designer radiator. Starting with the 011 Modern Manual Angled Chrome Radiator Valve the style comes from the simplicity and high chrome shine, this valve, in this finish, is the perfect foil to a whole raft of radiators. Following in the less usual shape theme, we have the 017 Modern Manual Angled Nickel Radiator Valve the ellipsoid shape being perfect for those that want a less conventional finishing touch to their radiator.


A clear best seller for us is the 052 Modern TRV Corner Chrome Thermostatic Radiator Valve and it’s easy to see why. Marrying form and function this valve not only looks fantastic but guarantees ease of use for years to come. Finished in a flawless chrome, the valves look amazing contrasted against any colour, but black or anthracite are real favourites.

The next consideration for style is the Finish, Colour and Material used in the manufacture of the valves. And because we appreciate how important the detail of design is, we stock the widest variety in the UK, including:

• Chrome Radiator Valves

• Satin Nickel Radiator Valves

• Antique Brass Radiator Valves

• White Radiator Valves 

• Black Radiator Valves 

• Pewter Radiator Valves

• Antiqued Radiator Valves

• Copper Radiator Valves 

• Anthracite Radiator Valves 

• Brass Radiator Valves 

• Polished Brass Radiator Valves

• Old English Brass Radiator Valves 

• Un-Lacquered Brass Radiator Valves 

• Grey Radiator Valves

• Polished Nickel Radiator Valves

• Nickel Radiator Valves 

• Black Nickel Radiator Valves

The choices are wide and how good the finished installation looks is personal to your design style. Some opt to match the valves and sleeves to the radiator exactly, some to contrast, complement or even clash, the choice really is yours!

Orientation and Functionality are more about choices to fit the environment that the valves will be used in, but they often affect the look. So far as orientation is concerned, we have:

Angled Radiator Valves: These connect to the radiator at a 90° angle. These are perfect for where the water supply comes through the floor and helps to reduce visible pipework.

Straight Radiator Valves: These valves connect your radiator to the water supply in a straight line. If your pipes run along the wall they will be fitted horizontally, or, which is often the case with bathroom ladder towel rails, vertically where the inlet is at the bottom.

Corner Radiator Valves: This type of valve also connects your radiator to the water supply at 90°, running into the wall behind it, and like Angled Valves, gives a tidy finish and helps minimise unsightly pipework.

And functionality:

Manual Radiator Valves: Manual Radiator Valves are, as they sound. Operated manually, turning the tap or handle increases or decreases the flow of hot water into the radiator to control the temperature. These are particularly useful in areas, such as bathrooms, where the ambient temperate can fluctuate significantly throughout the day.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs): A Thermostatic Radiator Valve enables you to control the temperature of the different rooms in your home. A capsule, with either wax or liquid, inside the valve head, detects the room temperature and will either expand or shrink, this allows a pin to change the hot water flow, to maintain a constant temperature you have set. If you want to learn more about how TRVs work, take a look at this video for a short explanation.

Video LINK

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