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Radiators 4u column paint finishes

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Please view the available colours & finishes below. Choose to have a colour / special finish using the dropdown above, and our helpful sales team will be in touch after your purchase to confirm your colour or special finish choice(s).

Click to view the available finishes below.

  • Antiqued Hammered Finish
    What is a Hammered Finish?

    A hammered paint finish is a textured paint finish that is created to mimic the look of hammered metal. It is achieved by applying a thick coat of paint and then lightly hitting it with a hammer or rubber mallet. This creates a unique and rustic look that is popular for furniture and home decor.

  • Matt Matt Finish
    What is a Matt Finish?

    A matt paint finish is a paint that has a flat, non-reflective, non-shiny finish. It is often used for walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings as it is easy to clean and does not reflect light.

  • Antiqued Gloss Finish
    What is a Gloss Finish?

    Gloss paint finish is a very shiny, glossy-looking finish that reflects light. It’s typically used on walls and furniture, and it’s great for making a room look bright and vibrant. Gloss paint is also very durable and can stand up to wear and tear better than other finishes.

  • Textrued Textured Finish
    What is a textured finish?

    Textured paint finish is a decorative coating that adds dimension and visual interest to a surface. It is achieved by adding a thickening agent to paint and then applying it to the surface with a textured roller or air gun. The result is a rough, irregular surface with a variety of patterns, from stippling to swirls.

  • Textrued Special Finish
    What are Special Finishes?

    Our special paint finishes are a collection of finishes that have various unique looks and textures.